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Week commencing 27th April

Hello all Year 5s and parents,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I have been trying to read more, both non-fiction to learn about new things and also fiction-you can lose yourself in a good book. I hope you go on the Epic reading site as much as you can. Pick out books that look interesting and read as often as possible. When I look on your student logs on Epic I can see that some of you have been reading loads: Aidan and Shun Yat, you still top the chart! Also Emma and Ollie, I can see that you have read more than 20 hours now. I have assigned a new book to the whole class on Epic called 'Science, Medicine and Math in the early Islamic world' which ties in with our summer history topic of the early Islamic Civilisation.

Don't forget to keep up with your current Chilli Challenge (it is labelled Chilli Challenge from 13th April) and next week I will be uploading a new one for you to work on. Remember that you should aim to complete at least 3 of the challenges.

I wonder if any of you, like me, have become keen to watch the live cams from Edinburgh zoo! I have been watching the penguins going about their daily routine and always like to identify the unusual grey one. Although I had often flicked to the 'panda cam' I had never seen anything except the keeper, but last week the panda, Yang Guang, has been the star of the show. He is so cute and eats most of the time or lies on its back with paws in the air to sleep. I have even got my girls into checking the cams and Leila is really hopeful that one day a tiger will be spotted on 'tiger cam'. Do have a look if you haven't already; it really is relaxing to watch the animals.

I can see that some of you have already looked at the book I assigned on Epic reading called Science, Medicine and Maths in the Early Islamic World - hope you enjoyed it William, Lily, Aidan, Emma, Ollie and Phoebe.

If anyone spots the tiger on 'Tigercam' let me know!

Well being

Remember that it is really important to look after both your physical and mental health during this time. This week, keep a diary of physical activities that you do each day. It could include taking part in the Joe Wicks' workout, going for a daily walk or bike ride, even helping with housework! At the end of the week look back at your diary and think about how much physical activity you have done. 


Also, have a look at these BBC resources all about teamwork

Then complete the sheet called 'I am an amazing person'.

Spellings set 57

We are continuing to work our way through the Year 5/6 tricky spellings and remember that it is important to practise on Spellingframe and also do pencil  and paper methods. If there are any of the spellings that you don't understand, look them up in a dictionary.

Daily activities for Maths and English

Extra Maths activities-Gareth Metcalfe's 'ISeeMaths'

If you are keen to do some extra Maths and want a bit of a challenge, the following link will take you to the ISeeMaths resources. You can choose to do the work for each day this week or look back over previous resources to support your learning.