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Week 3 (Commencing 6th April 2020)

Maths and English

Here are your daily tasks for Maths and English. Make sure you complete them in your home learning books.

Always remember your title and date for each piece of work that you complete. Keep taking regular breaks during your work and remember to ask for help if you are not sure about something. As we say in school, always do your best and never give up.


You will also see that you have some well being and mindfulness activities too. Have a look at these and choose those you would like to do. Take care of your mental well being and have fun.


This week, the focus for Maths is on Types of Angles, Calculating Angles and Magic Squares.

This week, the focus for English is on Verbs, Adjectives and Characters

Right, acute and obtuse angles

In this video we look at right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. We look at what they are, how they look on paper and find angles on 3D objects. We use...