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Cloverlea Primary School

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Week commencing 8th June

Chilli Challenge

This week I am setting you a new Chilli Challenge. The activities can be spread out over the next three weeks. Remember that you should aim to complete at least three of the activities and try to choose a variety of different ones.

Daily Maths and English work

Optional extra Maths on negative numbers

If you would like some extra challenge on negative numbers, have a look at these worksheets. The first one is the easiest, and the last one is the most difficult.

This week's well being activity

Yoga can be very relaxing and is also very good for your body and mind. Have a go at doing this yoga workout. It takes about half an hour but you could split it into different parts if you want to. Take it steadily and enjoy it. You could try to get some of your family to do it with you.