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Week Commencing 18th May

There's 4 days' worth of home learning provided for this week to give you the opportunity to participate in the Joy of Moving Festival. Please share your photos of our 'Home School Sports Day' by emailing - or sharing on Twitter - @Cloverlea1917.

We will not be setting home learning during the whit holidays. 


Head over to WRM for the video tutorials. This week's learning focuses on fractions. Some of the content has already been covered by WRM during lockdown (lesson 1), so a little bit of healthy revision and then the lessons progress from there. 

Suitable worksheets and further activities can be found at

If you wish, you could also continue with


I have included some maths extension sheets to supplement the activities and worksheets that can be found on BBC Bitesize. As with all home learning, there's no pressure to complete the extension sheets. They're available should the children/you need them.