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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Wilde and Mrs Bolton.

In the Autumn term our main topic was called 'Why Can't a Meerkat Live in the North Pole?' where we are learned about hot and cold climates. We also learned all about the types of animals that live in these climates and are comparing them to ourselves.


Our topic in the Spring term was 'Where did the Wheels on the Bus Go?'. In this topic we learned about the history of wheels and how transport has changed over time.


It is now the Summer term and our new topic is 'Out of this World!' During this topic we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and why they were brave people. We even have our very own 'Space Station' in our classroom where we can learn how to be an astronaut and build a space shuttle!


Here we are with our hot and cold climate posters.

Science in Year 1.

In science we have been learning about animals (including humans). In the Spring term and we are learned about different materials. We looked at what different objects are made from (e.g. glass, fabric, wood, metal, stone, plastic) and why they are made from these materials.



We are now learning about 'Seasonal Changes' in science. We are looking at different types of weather and observing changes across the four seasons. We will be observing and describing weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.



We worked in teams to label the different parts of our body.

Our Christmas Nativity Play.

In December, the Reception and Key Stage 1 children took part in our annual Christmas Nativity Play. It was called 'Shine Star Shine!'

Year 1 dressed as angels, small animals and sheep. We worked very hard and really enjoyed singing and dancing.

Making Our Own Books.

In English, we have been writing and making our own counting books. We had to make sure that each sentence had a capital letter and a full stop and contained an adjective. Once our books were finished we read them to the children in Reception.

Our Trip to East Lancashire Transport Museum.

During the Spring term we went to the transport museum to learn about wheels from the past. We also had great fun making our very own moving vehicles!

Barnaby Bear!

Barnaby bear loves to spend time with lots of different people and enjoys getting to know everyone in his Year 1 class at weekends.

Here is his rota so you can check when it is your time to take him home!


Show and Tell Rota- Summer Term 2015