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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term in Year 1.


This term our topic is called 'Why don't meerkats live in the North Pole?' We are learning about hot and cold climates and what it might be like to live there. We are also learning about animals that have habitats in these climates and how they are adapted at living in extreme conditions.

Here we are researching hot and cold climates.


In Science we are learning about 'Our Bodies'. We worked together in teams to label different parts of our body. We are also learning about our senses and have been going on senses walks around school.

Our Favourite Books!

In Year 1 we read lots and lots of books and we thought it would be nice to share a few of our favourite books with you.


The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge.


This book is about a Beast that is lonely and wants to find other Beasts that are just like him but they are so rare that there is only one Beast in each country. He sets off on a very long journey to find other Beasts.

In our writing we described how the Beast felt and used adjectives to describe him. Some Year 1 children were lucky enough to see the Lonely Beast in our Nature Area!

Spring Term in Year 1.


Our topic this term is 'Why do the Wheels on the Bus go Round?' We are learning about the history of transport.


In English this term we have written our own counting books and shared them with the Reception children. Our sentences had to contain lots of adjectives and we practised spelling the numbers in words.

Here we are reading our counting books to the Reception children.

In Science we are learning about Materials. We have been finding lots of different materials in and around our classroom and sorting them into groups.

Barnaby Bear Rota.

Barnaby bear loves to spend time with lots of different people and enjoys getting to know everyone in his Year 1 class.

Each child in Year 1 gets the opportunity to write or draw a diary of his time with them; they may even take a photograph or draw a picture.

Show and Tell in Year 1.

In Year 1 we have 'Show and Tell' every Tuesday, where three children each week will have the opportunity to prepare a short talk (with pictures or an object) to share with the class.


Spring Term 'Show and Tell' Rota