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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Wilde and Mrs Bolton.

Summer Term 2017
It is now the Summer term and our new topic is 'Out of this World!' During this topic we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and why they were brave people. We even have our very own 'Space Station' in our classroom where we can learn how to be an astronaut and build a space shuttle!
Spring Term 2017.

Our topic in the Spring term is 'Where did the Wheels on the Bus Go?' In this topic we are learning about the history of wheels and how transport has changed over time. We are also learning about different types of journeys. In particular, we have been leaning about the journey a letter makes.



Our transport timelines.

Our transport out of 'Junk Modelling'

The Journey a Letter Makes!

In Geography and English we have been learning about the journey a letter makes. We have been reading lots of letters and have been reading a book called 'Dear Greenpeace'. We now know that letters have certain features such as they can start with 'Dear' and that they need an address on the envelope so that it can be delivered to the correct place.


We wrote or own letters home and walked to the postbox to post them.

World Book Day!- Can you tell which characters we are?

Our Counting Books.

In English this term we have written our own counting books and shared them with the Reception children. Our sentences had to contain lots of adjectives and we practised spelling the numbers in words.

Science- Materials & their Properties.

In science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We have been finding lots of different materials in and around our classroom and sorting them into groups. We investigated the properties of materials and built a house for the three little pigs out of different waterproof materials. Here we are testing them!  

Computing- TV Chefs!

In computing we have been using the iPads to record ourselves presenting a TV cooking show. We have been taking it in turns to be the presenter, director and camera person and learning how to use the iPad to record and make our own programmes.


Still image for this video

Geography- Where we live.


We have been using maps and atlases to find out where we live. We looked at the continent, country, city and town that we live in. We also made fact posters about the four countries in the U.K. We learned about each of these countries national flower, saint, capital city and key landmarks. Some of us have visited these places on our holidays!

Autumn Term 2016.

This term we will be learning about hot and cold climates. We will be learning about where a meerkat lives (hot desert) and comparing it to where a penguin lives (cold desert). As we are learning about ourselves and different animals we will be going on a trip to Chester Zoo to look at how animals live in different habitats and how they are adapted for the different climates that they come from.

Here are some of the animals that we saw in Chester Zoo

Year 1's Roald Dahl Week.


As a school we celebrated 100 years of Roald Dahl. Each class focused one of his many books. In Year 1 we read Esio Trot! We spent the week creating our own tortoises and learning how to look after a real pet tortoise. We even had a very special visitor- Hedwig! Hedwig is a Horsefeild tortoise, just like Alfie (the tortoise in Esio Trot).


P.E- Dance.


We are learning about dance during the Autumn first half term. Our focus for our dance lessons has been 'The Rainbow Fish'. We have been moving our bodies to make different shapes and movements, like the characters from the story. See if you can spot the sea creature we are trying to be!