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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Harris and Mrs Bolton

Meet the new Year 2 class. We work hard but we also like to have fun!

Autumn Term 2014

Our first topic is 'Healthy Me!' In history, we are learning about the life of a very famous nurse called Florence Nightingale. We are also learning about how to be healthy by exercising and by eating a balanced diet. As you can see from the photographs, we are really enjoying keeping fit by working with some coaches from Manchester United. So far everyone has learnt some new skills including Mrs Harris!

In literacy, we have been busy exploring how to write clear and useful instructions. We followed some instructions to help us to make a pizza and then we wrote our own recipes.
During the next few weeks, we will be designing and making our own bread rolls in design and technology. We have already tasted different types of bread from around the world!

Visit from the 'Fun Food Chef'.

On Wednesday 8th October the 'Fun Food Chef' came to work with our class to help us to learn more about healthy eating. We had lots of fun and we had the opportunity to cook and taste some new recipes. We made Egyptian flat bread, eggplant omelette, Egyptian edamame stew, Chicken Shwarma (a spiced dish) and fruit smoothies.Mrs Harris and Mrs Bolton were really impressed by how we all tasted and enjoyed eating the food which we made! We also learnt more about the ingredients used to make bread. Check out our photos to see how much fun we all had!

Making Bread

In Design and Technology, we designed and made our own bread rolls. First we tasted different types of bread from around the world and then we explored how to make bread. Our first lot of bread rolls were very hard so Mrs Harris had to practise! Next we tasted different flavours of bread before designing and making our own bread rolls. Look how delicious they were!

Judaism Workshop

On 27th November, Jeremy visited Cloverlea to teach us about Judaism during assembly time. As we have been learning about Judaism during our RE lessons he visited Year 2 for a special workshop. We enjoyed finding out more about Judaism and Jeremy was also surprised by how much we already knew!

'Shine Star Shine!'

This was the title of our Christmas play and we really did shine like stars! We learnt our lines, acted and sang wonderfully. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us perform!

Parents' Curriculum Information Sheet - Autumn 2014

Spring Term 2015


Our new topic is called 'Terrific Timperley!' We will be learning about the geography of Timperley Village and also what makes Timperley a great place to live. In RE we will be learning about the church and we hope to visit Christ Church. We will also be learning about the work of the great artist Lowry and hopefully, we will produce our own 'Little Lowry' pictures!

Our Class Assembly

On Friday 3oth of January, Year 2 were proud to invite parents and the rest of the school to their class assembly. As a way of sharing some of our work from both this term and the previous term, we invited Mr. Linnett to be a contestant on 'Year 2 does Mastermind'! As you can tell from the photos below, we all enjoyed ourselves - even Mr. Linnett!

Visit to Christ Church

As part of our RE work about Christianity, we visited Christ Church in Timperley. Reverend Jim talked to us about the different parts of the church and some of us also tried on some special clothing. We then completed a little quiz about the main features of a church before reflecting on how we felt during our time there. It was a very interesting morning.

Summer Term 2015
Parents' Curriculum Information Sheet - Summer 2015

Our new science topic is 'Living Things'. We have already visited the wildlife area to look for different types of minibeasts. Whilst we were there, we found a large egg which we took back to our classroom. Imagine our surprise when a few days later - out hatched a dinosaur! We have been very busy learning about dinosaurs and why they disappeared. We hope to make our own dinosaur landscapes and we are looking forward to visiting Manchester Museum after the half term to find out about Stan (their T-Rex.)



In geography we are learning about amazing Africa by pretending to go on a safari. We have learnt about the African artist Martin Bulinya and we have created our own artwork in his style. In PE, we are busy learning some African dances.

Manchester Museum

On 23rd June as part of our topic work about living things, we visited Manchester Museum. In the morning, we had time to explore the different exhibitions. We also met Stan, the giant T-Rex. We were very surprised by just how big he is! After lunch, we took part in a 'Dinosaur Challenge Workshop'. We had to try to work out what different objects (bones and fossils) were and try to match them to what they belonged to in the museum. 

Thank you to those parents who were able to help.

New 'Show & Tell' Rota