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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Harris and Mrs Bolton

Meet the new Year 2 class. We work hard but we like to have lots of fun! Keep checking this page for up-dates and to find out what we have been doing!

Growth Mindset

Throughout the year, we are learning about how to develop a positive mindset. We use 'Really Hard Ratty' and 'Work-At-It-Wiz' to help us. 'Really Hard Ratty' has a fixed mindset; he knows that he's good at reading and art but isn't good at maths. He tries hard in those subjects but thinks he's stupid in maths lessons. He doesn't try and when he gets stuck he says, "It's really hard." 'Work-At-It Wiz' has a growth mindset; he believes that if you put in effort, you can get better at everything. He tries hard in all subjects, even in subjects that he struggles with. We are learning to be like 'Work-At-It-Wiz'.


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