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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


During the Summer Term, we will be concentrating on our topic of Ancient Greece. We'll be learning all about how the lives of the Ancient Greeks still play an important role in our lives today. We'll be learning about the Ancient Greek alphabet, the education during that time, architecture, scholars and the history of the Olympic Games. 

After half term, we'll be studying a local history topic about Timperley and its Canals.  We'll be visiting the National Waterway Museum on Tuesday 9th June. 

Our Art Work

World Book Day

Stone Age Workshop

D&T - Paper Mache Volcanoes

Well done, Y3, on your fabulous class assembly!

Design and Technology

We linked our D&T task of designing, making and evaluating sandwiches with our theme of Europe. The sandwiches also had to be healthy in conjunction with our science topic of humans and other animals. The pupils had to design a sandwich that was tasty, healthy (contained foods from most of the food groups) and it also had to based on a European country of their choice. The children came up with some wonderfully imaginative designs, from a Wimbledon inspired English sandwich to a 'Leaning Tower of Pisa' sandwich, inspired by the famous Italian landmark. The children then had the opportunity to taste and evaluate each other's creations. We had a lovely morning! Alongside this, our wonderful TA, Mrs Perkin, took small groups to make batches of gazpacho for them to taste. The children were all adventurous and tried the 'cold soup', although the majority of them did not like the taste because of the pungency infused by the garlic. 

Using iPads to enhance learning

Manchester United Festival - Cliff Training Ground

Maths Investigations

Parents' Curriculum Sheet Autumn 2014

Parents' Curriculum Sheet - Spring 2015

Parents' Curriculum Sheet - Summer 2015