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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 with Mrs Mattocks and Mrs Smith

Meet the new Year 4 class. We are really looking forward to the year ahead.

Keep checking this page for updates on the exciting things that are happening in our class!


Summer Term


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their residential trip to Grasmere. We had a wonderful time at the youth hostel and took part in many enjoyable activities including shelter building, orienteering and a village study of Grasmere. 

Spring Term 2017

World Book Day 2017

Sale Sharks - Tackling Numbers

AFC - TAG rugby coaching

Science - Electricity
Year 4 enjoyed making circuits 

Autumn Term 2016

Design and Technology: Designing and Making Roman Buildings

Chester Grosvenor Museum and Roman Soldier Tour

Roman Mosaics

In Art, we used stick-printing techniques to create Roman mosaics. First we had to print a border using a repeated pattern. Then we added our central motif.

Computing - We are Co-Authors

In Computing, we contributed to a class Wikispace. In pairs, we created a Wiki page all about a particular aspect of the Romans. We had to organise our research and decide what headings and sections we wanted to include on our Wiki page. We used a range of websites for research, including Simple Wikipedia. We learnt how to edit text and add images and captions to make our page appeal to the reader.

Once we had completed our page, we had the opportunity to edit and improve other children's work. 

The Roman Empire

We used an atlas to find the names of the countries that the Romans had conquered at the height of the Roman Empire.

Roman Emperor Research

As part of our Roman topic, we worked in research teams to find out about some of the most famous Roman emperors. We used the internet for research and created information posters. We had to present our findings to the class.

Science - States of Matter
Exploring solids, liquids and gases

Exploring Symmetry

In Maths, we have been exploring symmetry in 2D shapes. We folded shapes into equal halves and drew on the lines of symmetry. We then used our mirrors to check.

SEAL - Friendship

We have been using drama to explore the theme of friendship. We acted out the giving and receiving of friendship tokens and discussed the qualities of a good friend.