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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Summer Term


Residential Trip to Conwy

On Monday 23rd June Year 5 went to Conwy YHA. This was a new location for the yearly residential trip but tied in well with the work on contrasting localities, team work (PSHE) and writing legends in Literacy. Pupils had a great time at the YHA and enjoyed each and every activity. Such activities included:


Muffin Making


Team Challenges

Assault Course

Trip to Conwy Castle and Conwy Park

Slate Decorating


The best activity for most pupils was the morning at Conwy Castle. We were lucky to have a guide who showed us round this magnificent castle and told us many interesting facts about the design of the castle and how it was run. As you can imagine, the children enjoyed learning about the defences the castle had. The murder holes proved most captivating...I wonder why?


Please view the photographs taken from the residential and comments made by pupils about the trip.

We would like to thank the YHA for a most enjoyable residential. I am sure that we will be going back next year.

How To...Projects

In the last half term of the academic year the pupils in Year 5 have the opportunity to teach Mrs Dent something. This year there has been a variety of topics ranging from Magic Tricks to Enjoying a day on a Narrow boat to Tap Dancing to Fishing to Drawing to Waffle Making. Mrs Dent has been very impressed with each and every talk presented to her and would like to thank the pupils for all their hard work.


Computing with Kodu

Pupils in Year 5 have been learning about programming. Using Kodu, a piece of free software, they have designed their own worlds, learnt how to write a simple program, learnt how to program basic combat, learnt how to make objects follow pathways, learnt how to create lockable islands and how to create spawning characters. Over the past weeks they have focused on one of these areas and are now using all the skills and knowledge they have acquired to create their own games in Kodu.


Please have a look at some of the screen shots, uploaded from the games the pupils have created using Kodu, for the school website.

Year 5 Spring Term

Teaching and Learning in the Spring Term


The Apprentice Challenge

The children in Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their DT work. They had to design and make a cake for Easter. They conducted market research to find out what ingredients and flavours were the most popular. They then used this information to begin discussing and planning their ideas for a cake with other group members. They made choices on what ingredients and flavours they wanted for their cake and tried them out to see if they worked. From this bake they were able to finalise their ideas and come up with a final design. This planning and preparation took a few weeks but just before Easter they made their cakes and decorated them, following their designs.

A judging panel at the school, scored the children on appearance, taste, and their product name and logo. All groups worked well as a team and produced some yummy and scrumptious cakes. An evaluation of their product was completed at the end of this topic. Children identified ways in which they would change and improve their cake if they had to do it again.


Please take a look at the photographs of the cakes and teams at the bottom of this page.


The Games Project

The children in Year 5 were given the challenge to create a new game during the school break and into the Spring term. Discussion took place in the class  to generate ideas and to explore games that were currently available on the market. From this research and discussion, children started to brainstorm ideas. This project was homework and so all the work was completed at home with some help from the parents. As you will see, the quality of the games and the written instructions were fantastic. Well done, Year 5. Mrs Dent was really impressed.



Hinduism Workshop

At the end of the Spring Term, visitors came to Cloverlea, to teach the children in Year 5 about Hinduism. It was a great session which taught the children so many things about this world faith in interesting and visual ways. There are photographs on this page that will give you an idea of the activities the children got involved in as part of this workshop.


The Terrible Tudors

This was our first topic this term. We learnt about the War of the Roses and how the Tudors ruled. As we discovered, Henry VIII was not a particularly nice man and the Tudors had many wacky and bizzare customs and traditions. As part of our work on the Tudors we went to Bramall Hall for a Yuletide event. The children had to become Tudors for a day and experience the preparations and traditions of the yuletide feast. There are some photographs taken of our visit so please have a look.

We also drew our own Henry VIII portraits in the style of Holbein.



More recently we have been learning about Maps and how to read them. Our work has involved learning about Ordnance Survey Maps, using four and six grid references to locate places and attractions, using scale to calculate distances and understanding and reading map symbols. We have enjoyed making up routes on town maps to get from one place to another. We have enjoyed learning about the UK and Europe.


We Are Photographers

And finally, we must mention our work in ICT. We have been learning about photography and the programme Picasa. As part of our work we had to, firstly, think of a theme for our digital album and then take photographs. Once we had taken the photographs we had to change and manipulate the images, making them more interesting and visually exciting. We then had to arrange these in an album, thinking about captions and transition between one photograph and another. Finally, we added music to our digital album presentations to make it more interesting to the viewer. Some examples of our photographs will be appearing on this page very soon. So please come back and have a look.


Teams and Cakes


The Highwayman comes to Cloverlea Primary School.

Scroll down to learn more about this event.

The Highwayman Visit

As part of our Literacy work, we have been reading the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. We have really enjoyed the poem and have grasped a real understanding of the sad story the poem tells. On Thursday 16th January we were fortunate to have a visit from the Highwayman. We had prepared a selection of questions to ask him and were ecstatic when the opportunity arose for us to interview him. Below are some of the photographs taken from this visit.



Bramall Hall Yuletide Visit

Tudor Houses

Year 5 have made their own Tudor Houses in DT. We started by looking at the design of Tudor Houses and designing our own panels. We then used a range of tools to make the main frame and the roof. We used glue guns to put all the pieces together. Here are photographs of our creations.

Year 5 Photograph Albums (Picasa)